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We empower individuals to create radiant health from the inside-out through a tailored  combination of yoga and holistic approaches to wellbeing.

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The Verge Stability Class is our complete all-levels practice, where mindfulness training meets functional movement. This is a template-based class which means that you will experience the same poses in the same order every time. The Verge Stability Class is appropriate for all levels of yoga students from beginner to advanced and will build a strong body and a clearer mind.

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Flow Yoga (also called vinyasa flow) synchronizes your mind and body with breath to create a fluid, dynamic practice. You will feel like you are in a moving meditation as you link breath with movement to increase range of motion, build strength, dissolve tension and enhance clarity. Some yoga experience is strongly recommended. If you are brand new to the flow style, please consider the Verge Flow Foundations class first.

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Yoga Basics (formerly Prime)

Build muscular strength, joint stability and mental clarity in Verge Yoga Basics (formerly Prime). Class uses functional movement patterns to develop strength, increase flexibility and improve balance. This is a great class for beginners or for anyone looking for a bit of customization in your yoga practice. Please note that this is one of our non-heated classes, so you will be able to exercise comfortably in a studio without extra heat.

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On Demand Classes

Take your daily Verge Yoga class wherever you are with our streaming Verge On Demand videos. You can practice yoga 24 hours a day 7 days a week from home, on the road or at the shore. New yoga classes added frequently.

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We envision a world in which every individual has the tools and support to find their inner voice and live their healthiest and happiest lives.

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At Verge, we create a safe and inclusive space for all individuals to practice yoga and feel at ease in their own skin. Our approach emphasizes self-improvement, growth, and acceptance both on and off the mat. We cater to diverse backgrounds and physical conditions, supporting individuals in honing their integrity, resilience, flexibility, and strength to become their best selves. With expert-level guidance and classes for all skill levels, we help students reconnect with their inner selves, cultivate embodied awareness, and find balance from within.

“We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all  approach to wellness, and that by combining the best of multiple disciplines  we can achieve optimal well being.”

Starter series & Special events

Starter Series

We offer a Yoga Starter Series periodically. This popular program is great for anyone brand new to yoga, or perhaps just coming back to a yoga practice after a long time. It includes three weekly 75 minute live instructional classes plus unlimited Verge classes (in studio and virtual livestream) for 30 days. You will also receive a digital copy of the Verge Yoga Starter Series Handbook and have access to our On Demand Library for 30 days. Too busy for a 3 week commitment? Check out our new Yoga Starter CLASS which we now offer monthly.

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Pop up Classes

In addition to our Weekly Classes, we offer the occasional Pop Up Class to keep our schedule fresh. A Pop Up Class may be one of our regular weekly classes that POPS into the schedule or a new class format that we want to try. Or it may be a Specialty Class that we just want to run once or twice. Examples include Yoga For Golf, Mindful Flow, Yin Yoga for Better Sleep. Stay up to date with our Newsletter to be sure you know what Pop Up Classes and other Special Events are happening each month.

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Take your yoga practice to the next level with a Verge Workshop or Special Event. Throughout the year, we will offer opportunities for you to dive deeper into your practice with workshops like Using the Wall as a Prop, Take Flight in Inversions and Yoga & Astrology. For the certified yoga teachers in the area, we will continue to provide opportunities for you to advance your skills with continuing education workshops like Flow Sequencing, Functional Strength Training and more.

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